Renovation of the Ad Terram facility

First week

At the first week of July we started with the renovation of our new facility. The inner walls were installed to create offices and a laboratory.
In the production area we started building a special room for cleaning the smaller machines with next to it a small office.

Empty space were the offices and laboratory will be created

The foundation of the walls for the laboratory

Cleaning area and small office

Second week

The first walls of the offices and laboratory are installed and the columns were painted from silver to black to match the glass walls (not installed yet). The cleaning room and the small office are almost done. A new project this week was the temperature controlled area which is installed in a smaller area in the back of the building.

Progress of the walls (office and laboratory)

Painted columns

Progress of the walls (office and laboratory)

Progress of the cleaning area and office

Progress of the cleaning area and office

Installation first walls of the temperature controlled area

The walls are standing!

Third week

This week was all about the floors. For the office and laboratory we choose a polyurethane floor to maintain the industrial look.

To ensure the strength and durability of the floor in the Teal Experience Centre we choose an Epoxy floor. We decided to give the rest of the production area’s a new finish with a dark grey floor coating.

The sign of the previous owner is replaced by our sign. Also our gardener finished his work and we are very satisfied with the results.

Epoxy floor Teal Experience Centre

The sign came up!

Third, fourth and fifth week

After two weeks (second and third) they were finished with the floors. It's a stunning view from the stairs if you look inside the offices. Also the big production area looks much nicer with the floors being coated.